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07 December 2012

Hello friends.  I am woefully delinquent in updating things around these parts.  We took our sweet time in recovering from upper respiratory infections, begun to dabble in a life without morning naps, and have since lost track of what a schedule looks like. 

I will not bore you with the details of the last few weeks, as sickness does not breed interesting stories.  I will say that our little trio did have a lovely Thanksgiving meal, complete with a hickory-smoked turkey (courtesey of Jonny's birthday present).  There is so much that we are thankful for, and it seems trite to broadcast it out to the internet.  While it seems par for the blogging course to flaunt our personal gratitude, I think I am just going to leave it beautifully small and personal.

The Christmas tree is up, and I love to turn on the lights each afternoon night as the sun goes down.  We are woefully underprepared for the season in a spiritual sense; though I am not sure that we will ever really be prepared.  We are keeping it simple on the decorating/cooking/shopping/partying side of the season.  I just really don't have the taste for much of that anymore.  Don't get me wrong.  I love to cook for loved ones, and gather together, but the pressure to fit it all in and overdo it all has really soured me on the misguided outwardness of a season that is most beautiful when it is intimate and reserved. 

Well now I am just sounding like a scrouge, so I will wrap this one up for now.  I hope that you are all enjoying this holiday season and making time for the important things. 

Whitehall Shop has a few new goodies in the Flags and Maps section, and a whole new section for your perusing enjoyment!  More to come on them later. 

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