A Coral Herringbone on a Gray Day

09 January 2013

It has been a rainy day around this casa.  The skies are a cool, wintry white, gray, and the tea in my cup is strong and hot (my husband will point out that this is because I leave it steeping for hours, and then microwave it repeatedly...shhh...don't tell the Brits, they are not fans of this technique).

Because this is Southeast Texas, the humidity is hugging the whole neighborhood in a light fog, and I am postponing putting today's shipment in the mail, for fear that the crisp white paper will turn into a wavy, wet mess, unbefitting a Whitehall delivery.

While I do love a dark and rainy day, there is no need to strip our eyes of color.  In that spirit, I have added some new Herringbone Prints to the Shop in vibrant colors.  So if you need a color fix to cure the post-holiday back-to-routine doldrums...




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