Keeping Up

21 January 2013

Just what have we been up to lately?  Well...

*We took in a much needed dose of family and friends in Colorado over the holidays.  Our cup was full. 
*Jonny smoked an excellent pork shoulder on his new favorite piece of cooking equipment.
*We painted our master bedroom with a color picked out at the last minute (never a good idea).  So the goal will now be to tone down the pinkiness of the beige in the master bedroom.  Chocolate Mousse is pink, y'all.  You will think that it is the perfect brown, with no red, yellow, green, or other unholy color.  You will be wrong.  Save yourselves.  Pink.
*I painted a slatted wood sign to go in the bedroom (pics to follow).
*I have been diligently reading for the Classical Book Club over at Life in Grace.  Though, Plato honestly kept getting me sidetracked with fantastic thoughts and ideas that just must be explored over at the other blog baby.  A good problem to have.
*Court has been walking up a storm.  Her favorite way to work it is behind her toy shopping cart with momma's purse flung over her shoulder.  I think that is my favorite way too.
*Jonny rebuilt a section of our fence with our neighbor, adding a gate, and increasing the size of the backyard.  It was a very "This Old House" kind of moment for us.
*I have finally downloaded Babel, by Mumford and Sons.  My life is now richer.
*Whitehall Shop is going to get a few new listings in a week or two.  Think "The Great Outdoors."

Now it's your turn.  What is new with you? 

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