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11 February 2013

Oh Pinterest, what have you done to me?  5,000 pins already?!?

Well, in my defense, I can say that out of the 5,000 pins...

I cooked/baked at least 36 of the pinned recipes on Breads, Breakfast, Desserts, and Meals. (For mini reviews of some of these, you can see these posts: Pinterest Recipes Accomplished Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV.

I made my own chevron infinity scarves.

I am going to build and upholster a headboard this Spring Break.

I have a large stack of paper towel rolls saved up for a future wall art project.

I decided that my kitchen needs white shaker style cabinets.

I will be creating a built in wall of bookshelves over Sping Break using Ikea Billy Bookcases (I know, Spring Break is going to be busy.).

I was inspired to update our fireplace mantle with MDF and molding to make it stand out like the beauty it was meant to be.

I learned that my love of antique rings knows no bounds.

I created a gallery style collage of family photos for the living room.

I created the invitations for Court's first birthday from pinned ideas and got inspiration for the polka dot cake design.

I discovered that baking soda and vinegar will clean just about anything.

I strung together a paper wreath to hang over the mirror in our living room.

I began a visual catalog of all the books I have read and loved.

I became even more obsessed with drinking tea on cloudy days (or any day, really).

I gave myself permission to unabashedly love tartan, tweed, and elbow patches the way I always secretly have.

I now shred cooked chicken in the Kitchen Aid mixer, using the paddle attachment for 30 seconds.

I wear gray nail polish, and I love it.

I am growing an avocado tree in our dining room window.  It is currently taller than the toddler.

I created buttons and organized this here blog using tutorials found on Pinterest.


I found the inspiration for the design I painted on wooden slats that now adorn our dining room.
I found two different pieces of artwork that now hang in our home.

I discovered lists of foods that help me vary the toddler menu around here.

I got the idea for a huge piece of DIY musical artwork that now hangs mightily in our bedroom.

I searched for monogram ideas for the initials that hang above our bed.

...the list is endless.

Some may scoff that 5,000 pins is an utter waste of time, while others will find that number trifling compared to their own emense curations.  As for me, I have spent a good many hours being inspired, taking comfort, getting informed, and dwelling in my happy place.  I apologize for nothing.
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