Keeping Up & Welcome

04 February 2013

First of all, I would like to welcome all the new visitors to the Whitehall Shop blog.  A great many of you have stopped by to see the "Things to do in Houston" post, and I do hope that you will pull up a cozy chair and stay awhile.  You can learn a little bit about me and the site here, and you can visit the Whitehall Shop on Etsy here.

 Keeping Up

ˈkēpiNG /əp/

1. (verb) To remain in touch with the latest news and goings on.
2. (verb) Attempt at public accountability for maintaining higher standard of productivity in daily life.  See: The Jones'
3. (noun) Vague reference to original update post in which the old British show 'Keeping Up Appearances' was marginally referenced, thereby inspiring the title for all future update posts.

My new favorite picture.

Now for the list:

*I painted my dresser from childhood a bluey-white color that everyone just calls white.  I am now searching for glass knobs to put on the drawers (per a wonderful suggestion from a friend).
*We watched the Super Bowl, because that is what you do. 
*We have made ourselves regulars at the local park/playground, where Court loves to slide, run around in the glory of her new found independence, give flirty glances at the stone turtle, and evil eyes to the swing set.  Don't worry swings, we'll get there one day.
*I have been making copious amounts of bread.  I have added ground flax seed and whole wheat flour in an attempt to pretend that pounding the carbs this hard isn't all bad.  And with butter and honey on warm from the oven bread...really, it's all, so good.
*I have found myself in a sketching/cut/repeat pattern that doesn't have a near end in sight.  The good news is that I love my job and I love the creative process.  The better news is that Whitehall Shop will soon have more new goodies. 

Short list, I guess, but what more could you want.  Play time + work time + fresh bread = good times.
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  1. Loved to hear how you have been faring. Nice to be "kept up." love your blog. love your products. love your favorite new photo of Court ... look at all those eyelashes ... on one eye... gorgeous. keep up the good work. I'll be watching for more.

    1. Thanks for wonderfully nice words. Glad to have you here!