Keeping Up

18 February 2013

I just love a good February.  It is my birth month, and being a shorty of a month, it has always seemed just a little bit special. 
I like February because progress always seems to happen in February.  The petina is starting to show on those New Year's resolutions, and the stuff that will get accomplished is actually starting to, while the stuff that never was going to be accomplished has long been forgotten and that weight of regret has been lifted off my shoulders. 
God willing, I will turn a year older at the end of this month, and that always makes me take stock of priorities and the way that I use the precious seconds I have been given in life.  Rearranging always ensues* and I  end up with a renewed sense of purpose.
Now down to the Keeping Up details.  Since the last post...
*I have made a custom Whitehall gift for dear friends who have recently had a baby.  (Pictures to come later..the custom piece, not the baby).
*I succeeded at making chocolate soup in a graham cracker crust.  I am choosing to focus on the positive here, because despite my best efforts (and previous success using the exact same recipe), I most certainly did not end up with chocolate icebox pie
*Court turned one and a half years old.  Talk about precious seconds.  They are going by so fast.
*I logged the 50th walk on my Sports Tracker app on the old celly-tele.  Do you use an app or device to track your workouts?  I have found that it works wonders for motivation goal achieving. 
*I have given up Pinterest for Lent.  Normally I don't think what I give up is anyone's business, but in the spirit of accountability, this one may need monitoring.  I can look up project instructions and recipes that I have pinned, but no pinning (and the hours spent browsing that come with it).  Life needs to be more about what is in front of me (and the computer screen doesn't count).
*We visited the town of Wharton, Texas and had some delicious BBQ at Hinze's.  Wharton is a town that I had never been to, but loved all the same after reading the book Farewell: Memoirs of a Texas Childhood, by Horton Foote.  If you have an afinity for small-town Texas, I highly recommend the book.  The town was sleepy on a Saturday, but if you are a court-house chaser (it's a Texas thing), Wharton has a pretty one. 

*We also made our very first trip to IKEA.  I thought it was fantastic.  Their set-ups of 356 square foot apartments made me want to move to Europe for a season.  Eating at the local cafes, visiting museums, strolling along rivers, hiding from the rain in cozy old bookshops...right?  Well, back in Houston, we picked up four Billy Bookcases because this project is happening!!! 
What have y'all been up to lately?

 *Getting out of passive tense still isn't a priority.  Sorry college professors.  I think in passive tense. 
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