Oh the Bookshelves!

25 March 2013

We have lived in our home for a little over three years, and for a little over three years I have been talking about "when we get the bookshelves in the living room..." But now I am going to have to find something else to talk about because the bookshelves are here, and they are resplendent (okay, so resplendent may be gilding the lily, but, y'all, they make me that happy)!

When we first moved in we were left with the choices made by the previous owner.  Choices like a dark red wall in an already small and dark living room, and a big hole in the wall where the previous owner wanted to create a nook for his TV.  For two years we called that hole the abyss.  It was black (covered in acoustic fabric), and large and sucked all of the light and joy from the room. 

Knowing that I couldn't bring a baby into this world with an abyss in our living room, we patched the hole and put up these frames as a temporary fix...

I longed for crisp white bookshelves that would lighten the room and give us some much needed space.  I dreamed of them.  I pinned images of them.  I planned for them.  And finally...they are here!

Not having a couple thousand to spend on custom built-ins, we opted for the Ikea Billy Bookcases and added our own molding.  You can find instructions here, here, here, etc., so I will not bore you with an unnecessary tutorial.  We went for the 15" bookcases and painted the trim (that we got from the ol' HD) in Glidden's Parchment White to match the Ikea white of the shelves. 

We had four empty bookcases for a week while we waited to finish the project.  Oh how I wanted to load them up then and there!

Mid project, adding the molding to the base and in between the cases.

All finished!
Someday I might be painting or wallpapering the backing of the cases, but for now,  I am in love. 

I know that you designer-types out there are stressing out about too many books and pictures and things, and not enough clearly defined collections and negative space.  But honestly, these shelves contain things that make me happy, and all of those people that have bookshelves without books (or shelves with only 'pretty' books that they will never read) make me sad. 

For those of you, like me, who always wonder what is on other people's bookshelves, I give you this...

Court's zone.  Toys, books, pillows for the floor, all hers.

A matryoshka doll that a dear friend brought back for me from Russia,
and behind is a painting by my very talented and beautiful Aunt Chelsea.

A collection of silver spoons that my grandmother had in her dining room (in need of polishing, I know).

The collection has a home...finally!

A piece of the South stands seating of the old Mile High Stadium in Denver,
that was absconded with at the last game of the stadium's history by a dear family member
who shall remain nameless, lest his crime be discovered.

Another favorite of Jonny's is the German stein...a gift from his parents who travelled there.

This is but a small peek at some special items, and includes nothing of the hundreds of books, pictures, or other meaningful mementos, but y'all are invited to come on over and have a looksy for yourself anytime (provided I know when you are coming...nothing ruins a good bookshelf admiring party like not having time to make a batch of cookies and tea).
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