Keeping Up ~ March 2013

04 April 2013

March was a very busy month in the shop, with lots of new artwork in production (including a few long promised pieces), and I will have photos of all that soon enough, but let's get to the non-work related bits of March.  Please grab a cup of tea and we can sit and chat for a minute.  I can't wait to hear what you have been up to.

As for us...

*I have taken to eating excessive quantities of sugar over the last month and now find myself in need of a major detox.  You might want to keep your distance, as this could get a little ugly.

Chasing the ducks.
*Court has learned to feed herself with her own utensils, wear Momma's slippers, color her heart out ("on da pay-pa," God bless her!), and close all the doors in the house (because she is very particular about that).

*We went strawberry picking and chicken/duck
chasing at Blessington Farm.  A day of many giggles and only a couple of improperly picked berries (shhh....please don't tell on us).

*We road tripped it to Austin for a day, and spent twice as long getting home, in a car with no air conditioning.  After routes A, B, and C only resulted in more traffic, we finally caught some fresh air on route D.  Even still, I never think a trip to Austin is a bad idea.

*The azaleas have bloomed and they are putting on a show this year.  Our own have managed rather well since survivng the drought of 2011, and the established azaleas around the neighborhood have turned me into a landscaping creeper (you know the person who stares at your house a little too long as they walk by...the one you are trying to memorize so you can describe them to the police later in case someone breaks in.  Just me? Well then, moving on...).

*We have smoked two pork shoulders. Because that is what we do. 

*We replanted the little avocado tree that could (we are still hoping he will...survive, that is).

Confetti Eggs
*Spent lots of time outside playing with the neighbors.  Who says the weather is terrible in Texas?

*Had an amazing Easter weekend with some much missed Colorado family.

*Ate lunch with the giraffes, among other awesome things at the Houston Zoo.

*Did a little Surfside-ing, and watched our little beach lover run up and down the sand giggling with unabashed delight. That is the best stuff.

Now it's your turn.  What were you up to in March?

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