Lucky Numbers and Ampersands

26 April 2013

I wouldn't say that I have lucky numbers, since my favorite numbers have never shown any fruitful evidence of luck.  Nevertheless, they are my favorite numbers.  For me 27 and 227 make me happy.  They are birthday related, and so they are my very own (and John Steinbeck's, and Elizabeth Taylor's, and Constantine's, but I digress).  I smile when I notice them (2:27 on the clock, people getting off the elevator on the 27th floor in a movie, etc.).  Now where was I...oh yes, Whitehall Shop currently has 27 sales listed, and I listed the 227th item in the shop yesterday!
I know that blogs are supposed to have information that might be useful or interesting to the reader, and so far this post thoroughly violates that philosophy, so here is something pretty to make amends...

Ampersands Print - Shop

The new Ampersands print is now in the shop in the Typography section.

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