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25 April 2013

Treble Clef - Shop

My grandparents had a piano in their living room when I was growing up.  I never learned to play properly, but that piano is foundational in my memories of growing up.  I can remember being very young and pounding on the keys...because that was music to a toddler's ears.  It was also a great way to get fast attention from the adults. 

Bass Clef - Shop
I remember my two older cousins and myself lined up on the bench and me scooting over just slightly to make room and tumbling off into the wall.  I remember the warmth of the piano light that sat above the sheet music.  I remember that when we all opened presents in the living at Christmas, my parents and I would always sit by the piano.  That is where I opened the small plush toy house with the tiny plush mouse family that my uncle brought back from the Philippines, and that is where I got my first lotion from Bath and Body Works and a Jewel CD...which for a young girl in the mid-nineties, meant I was finally a grown a rite of passage or something (you laugh, but it was the nineties, and you were once a 12 year old, too.). 

Eighth Note - Shop
The piano bench had a hinged seat, and my grandma kept several books of piano music, along with an untold number of Christmas carol booklets.  I remember being about middle school age, and knowing how to read music notes one-by-one, but not knowing how to read them fluidly while playing, I dutifully wrote down each note on a piece of tiny notepaper that grandma kept in supply in the kitchen.  "A  B  D  C A E ..."  I would then set to plying it a few notes at a time, gradually memorizing how to play the song (Christmas carols in summer, mind you).  Once I had it down, I would call grandma and grandpa into the living room to
watch me play, pretending that I was reading the music as I played.  They never let on that they knew my secret; the good grandparents never do.

Beamed Note - Shop
I never did learn how to read music while playing, and I so wish that I had.  It is such a beautiful talent to have.  In the spirit of one of my absolute favorite books, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, I might just have Court teach me how to play after her own lessons when she is old enough.

So in honor of those memories, that piano, my complete love of music, and my complete ineptitude at playing it, I created the musical notes line for Whitehall Shop.  They can be found in the Typography section of the shop and are available in all standard sizes (4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 11x14).  The bold graphics are great on their own, but also shine as a grouping. 

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