16 May 2013


Anglophilia (adj.)
-great admiration for England and things English. — Anglophile, n.
I have it bad y'all.  I am now old enough in life to say that this has afflicted me for decades. least two of them...decades that is.  I can't get enough of the history, culture, countryside, architecture, tea, aristocracy, universities, accents, royal family, tweed, literature, stone walls, landmarks, and even the food (well, some of the food). 
So it should come as absolutely no surprise to you that the newest addition to the shop is a map of Great Britain and Ireland
I know that I am not alone in saying that my family's heritage extends from England, Scotland, and Ireland.  We are a dime a dozen in America, and that must be why my love of Great Britain and Ireland feels so innate.  We are attracted to our roots and create great mythologies about what it must be like "back home."
I hope you will love this little map as much as I do.
Available in all sizes, and found sitting in the Flags and Maps section (because we like to have things make sense around here).
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