Keeping Up ~ April 2013

06 May 2013

My husband likes to point out that time does not actually fly by faster as we get only seems that way since we have lived more seconds in our lives, and therefore each individual second becomes a smaller portion of our total living experience.  The smaller each second gets in that perspective, the faster time seems to go by.  In that sense, I hope that Court remembers more of our time together than I do, since for her, this time is a more significant portion of her total life.  I am front and center every day and yet I still feel like I don't remember enough of the precious seconds.
Maybe it is all just an excuse for why I don't remember what we did in April, and why the only thing that comes to mind is the hackneyed, "Gosh, is it May already?"

Let's see. In April we...

* Made a couple trips to Seabourne Creek Park in Rosenberg.  The park systems in this area are doing some amazing things with integrating the natural environments and creating natural spaces that still have the elements that you want in a park.  Seabourne has a great little lake where we picnicked and watched the ducks swim by.  We strolled the butterfly garden with all native species plants, and we walked the woodland trails that house some of the prettiest sounding birds.  I used to think that I would never be the kind of person that remember the names of flowers and just seemed to hard to remember all that...but I have already started turning into that person.  By the time I am 60, I am going to be an encyclopedia of flora and fauna!

* Built a Cornhole/beanbag toss game.  I will post pictures when it is painted.  For now we are playing away on the unfinished version.  It meets the regulation standards of the American Cornhole Association (yeah, its a thing).  Each year it seems that we have some sort of gaming project going on.  One year it was building a set up for darts in the garage, another year it was penny can (from Cougar Town) in the driveway, and this year it is Cornhole.  For those of you who are unfamiliar, check out these boards that are sitting prettier than ours while I go find my paintbrush.

* I made the requisite bean bags that go with the Cornhole boards.  Yes, I used pinto beans instead of corn feed. 

* I made a lemon cake with Greek yogurt and a lemon glaze that is my new favorite use of fresh lemons.  We have been thinking of getting a Meyer lemon tree, but can't decide whether to keep it potted or plant it in the yard.  Either way, someday, this cake will be made with Meyer lemons!

* Hosted Jonny's fellow coaches for some smoked ribs and sausage to celebrate the end of the coaching seasons.  Every time we get the smoker going, we start to debate the merits of opening a BBQ restaurant.  Jonny is just so good at it that I start to think, "I could eat this every day and be blissfully happy."

*Spent too much time being sick at the end of the month to do much of anything.

Well now, the shortness of this list pretty much illustrates the need for the list.  Keeping Up posts were started to keep us busy and accountable for getting out and doing, and so May is going to be in for a shake up since April was clearly too short on the 'doing.'

What were you up to in April? 
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