Happy Flag Day!

14 June 2013

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It would only be appropriate that I am spending flag day working on the American Flag collage for the shop. In the interest of thoroughness (and to borrow loosely from Thomas Edison), I have learned 1,000 ways how NOT to make an American Flag.  I am now on the right track though, and the stars should be rather uniform and actually fit on the field of blue.  The stripes should also fit in their proper places and line up nicely.  But keep your fingers crossed for me just in case.

From NYPL Digital Collections

Yesterday I saw a Pin of Betsy Ross' house on Pinterest, and had to give it a pin.  Granted, she wasn't working with 50 stars, but the ability to sew a uniform and orderly flag, by hand no less, is a feat to be admired.  

In fact, many of the founders were skeptical about using stars for the flag, because they feared it would be a hard shape to replicate.  However, through a relatively simple paper folding trick, Betsy Ross demonstrated that the perfect geometry of the five-pointed star would be easy enough to reproduce in mass.  You can find videos of this on YouTube here.

Happy Flag Day Y'all!
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