Keeping Up ~ May 2013

06 June 2013

The month of May has long since passed, but I promise you that we made the most of it (and I am throwing in a bonus June event at the end!). 


*Made Strawberry Jam.  We do the quick freezer variety (buy the freezer pectin and follow the instructions...fruit, sugar, pectin...super easy), which yielded five 6oz. jars and we have nearly licked them all clean.  English muffins are not safe from the jam in this house right now.

*Put up the pool.  Cool nights kept it too chilly for my toes until late in the month, but it sure is a fine sight to see that bright blue kettle of a pool when the temperatures climb into the nineties. 

*Listed new items in the shop.  In case you haven't been reading along, check out the shop for some new goodies.

 *Court got her first driving lesson.  Don't worry, we do not subscribe to the head-start method of education.  The girl just can't resist a cute boy behind the wheel of a red car (and neither can I)!  The steering wheel was sticky with apple since she was multi-tasking and getting in her afternoon snack at the same time.  Such a modern girl!

*Planted Holy Mole peppers and peppermint.  We tried that whole planting from seeds thing for too many years with absolutely no results to show for it.  This year we went for the already growing variety and we will never look back!  Just as an fyi, Hole Mole peppers are definitely hotter than jalapenos...700 scoville pace yourself. 

*Watched Agapanthus and Daylillies bloom.  After Ike, everyone re-planted their ruined yards with tropical plants because they grow so quickly here in the summer and people didn't have to wait years to see a beautiful landscape again.  Four winters of frost later, the tropicals are all dead and dug out.  When we bought the house, it had beautiful hibiscus that didn't stand a chance, but the agapanthus and daylillies have given a beautiful show every year.  Zone 9 people! Zone 9.

*Celebrated Mother's Day with a new hydrangea.  Ever since I read my first Southern Living magazine in middle school, I have yearned for a garden full of hydrangea.  Well, more years than I would like to count for you later, I now have my very own potted hydrangea sitting like a queen on the front porch.  Fifty years from now, I will look out on my garden of beautiful blooms and fondly remember that my first one came from my beautiful husband and my amazing first-born.  Lucky girl, I am.

*Visited with Mom who came to stay for a week.  A great visit and Court got her much needed Mema time.  Visits from family keep us going and reinvigorate the soul. So important.

*Traversed through over 150 years of family history.  I have bitten off a large project that is a lot to go through, but such an amazing journey.  My grandfather passed away last year, leaving boxes of pictures and mementos that span not only his lifetime, but even further back in our family's history, and I have taken on the task of digitizing the important pictures and papers so that everyone can have copies of everything in a nifty little flash drive.  So far, I have only gotten through the sorting, but my mind has been opened to so many new facets of our family.  So many stories to tell. 

*Made Texas shaped waffles...because we can.

*Travelled to Austin for my cousin's wedding.  The trip included great food, time in the hotel swimming pool, a quick check-in with Grandma and Grandpa, a walk along the lake and a stand under the Congress Ave. bridge (a.k.a. the bridge the bats fly out of...we could hear them squeaking).

*Celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary.  It was the night of my cousin's rehearsal dinner, and so we were treated to Lambert's BBQ, a cocktail at the W Hotel downtown, and a happy day with family.

June Bonus:

*Attended my beautiful cousin's wedding in my favorite church.  I have always admired Lauren (in a younger cousin always looking up and thinking that she was the coolest, sweetest, most amazing person ever, kind of way).  She was my Maid of Honor at our wedding, and it was downright joyful to watch her glow with grace, charm, and an uncontrollable happiness bubbling through every pore. 


P.S. Sorry that every outdoor picture is hazy.  The humidity has been like a 10000%.  Welcome to Texas!
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