Keeping Up ~ June 2013

03 July 2013

June was a beacon through some of the darker days of the school year for us.  When Jonny isn't home in the daylight hours, between teaching and coaching, we tend to get a little anxious for summer to get here fast.  Well June is the payoff, and we have been soaking up as much quality time together as we can get!

In the last month, we...

* Started the month off with my beautiful cousin's wedding.  I know that I mentioned this last month, but I do love a great wedding!  Don't you?  We are still talking about it.

* Scratched off another thing from our "Free Things to do in Houston..." list.  We visited Mary Jo Peckham Park in Katy, which I have to say was quite great.  They are part of the Neighborhood Fishing Program in Texas, and so the lake in the park is stocked with fish regularly.  The playground is huge, and Court got to exercise her immense love of slides.  She also discovered that swings are not the whirling vortexes of doom that she previously thought; in fact, they are a great place to kick back and eat a graham cracker.  The park also has a mini golf course, so we will definitely be heading back to Katy in the near future.

* Took a trip back to No Label Brewery for another Saturday tasting/picnic/hang out in the sunshine. The day was hot on a couple of levels as it included a Don Jalapeño beer (brewed with 60lbs. of Jalapeños in each batch), and a sun that just wouldn't stay behind the clouds.

* Attended a cowgirl-themed double birthday party for two sweet little girls, including a pony ride on a white miniature horse with pink hair, of course.

* Celebrated Father's Day with a special brunch with Blueberry Breakfast Cake, napping during afternoon golf on TV, and a delicious Chocolate Icebox Pie for dessert!

* Headed over to Bass Pro Shops in Katy (I believe, another thing on the "Free Things to do in Houston..." list).  We were there to get a fishing license and check out the giant aquarium with Court.  I will be honest, Court loved the fish and also the 10' tall taxidermied "teddy bear," but I was a little underwhelmed.  It was worth the trip (since we also had to get a fishing license), but it is definitely a store and should not be confused with an attraction.

* Played our little hearts out in the pool.  We are still working on some toddler swimming techniques.  Have you tried anything to help your toddler's learn to swim?  Or does everybody just put their kids in classes?  What have/did you done/do for your kiddos?

Visit the shop

* Made a lot of updates in the shop.  If you haven't stopped by lately, give it a look-sie.  I have also been busy cutting away to make the new maps that will hit the shop in the next couple of days.  I am very excited about how they have turned out!


Okay, I have blabbed enough for one little big long post, so I now I want to hear what you have been up to?  How are you soaking up summer with your kiddos?
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