Painted Family Sign: Est. 2008

25 July 2013

So I know that I am late to the bandwagon on this one, so if it helps you, I did paint this sign several months ago.  I saw similar hand painted signs by Aimee Weaver, and just loved 'em (her work is stunning...seriously click on that link and then come back to me...I'll wait.). 

I love anything that celebrates our little family.  Jonny and I have been together since we were sixteen years old.  We were married eight years later ("Eight years!" you say?  Yeah, I'll tell you about that later.).  This year we marked our 13th dating anniversary and our 5th wedding anniversary. 

We had an old piece of wood in the garage, so Jonny drilled the corners off with a circular bit to get the shape we wanted.  I spray painted it white (though I wish I would have gone a little less bright white), and added scuffs and scratches of black paint around the border and edges to give it some aged interest.  Then I printed out the lettering I wanted from a Word doc, and then used carbon paper to outline the lettering onto the painted wood piece.

I drew over the outline using a Sharpie paint pen, and then filled in the letters using my regular acryllic craft paints.  We attached the hangers in the back from a regular frame hanging kit, and hung her up!

Let me know what you think!
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