Homemade 2nd Birthday Party Invitation

17 August 2013

Do you ever have trouble finding just the right stationery that you want?  I always seem to fall back to making things myself because I can never quite find what I am looking for (at least, not in budget). 
For Court's second birthday, I gathered together several current favorites (mixed fonts, frame and embellishment fonts, ombre, salmon-y peach colors with modern white and gray).  I know this probably makes the graphic designers out there cringe, but I used regular old Powerpoint to format the invitation. 
And I cannot say enough good things about the free fonts below:


french script (old standard)

Frames & Embellishments

I just know that I will end up designing our Christmas cards this year, too.  Is it too early to start on those?  I know we haven't even entered the Pinterest high holy days of pumpkin and sweaters, but I am getting really into making these little guys with these new ornamental fonts!
P.S. This isn't meant to be a Happy Birthday post to my girl.  She gets her love in person, and hasn't really taken to reading the ol' blog.  No worries people...but do feel free to stop using social media to send glad tidings to people who live in your own home. 
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