Keeping Up ~ July 2013

05 August 2013

My, my, it has been a whirlwind of a July.  This summer has handed us a trunk-load of great things accomplished and great times had with family and friends.  August sure is going to have to work hard to top July for us in this little family.  The list doesn't seem all that long, but our hearts are full!

In the month of July, we...

*Loaded a bunch of new maps in the shop.  And I have discovered that I love map-making to a degree I previously thought unhealthy. 

Europe: It even has Andorra, y'all. I don't mess around.

Is that an extra tall camel-backed linen headboard with
silver nail head trim?  Why, yes it is!
*Began the process of turning our poor unfinished, unpolished, outdated, wrong-colored, abhorrently curtained, master bedroom into a thing of our dreams (okay, so originally they were just my dreams, but after seeing the fruits of our labor, Jonny dreaming right along with me).  I will have to show you more pictures in another post.  We are talking painting, headboard making, curtain hanging, new sheets and blanket fluffing, the whole works.  We still have some work to do, but, oh...Je l'aime.

*Visited the George Ranch Historical Park.  If you are a history girl, like me, you would love this place.  It is a large single property that has been in the family since the early-mid 1800's.  And there are four sections to the property that trace the homes of the family (some actual, and some reproduction) through the last 175-ish years of Texas history.  The presentation is fantastic and the property is kept up very nicely.  It is a fine example of public history done right.  I can't wait to go back. 
Isn't this just so Teddy Roosevelt?

*Painted a picture for over the fireplace mantle.  The painting that was there was done by my incredibly talented Grandpa, but it was too small for our very large mantle.  I used some unorthodox techniques that I will let you know more about next week!

*Attended a Sugar Land Skeeters baseball game.  The new team and ballpark came to town last year, but we finally made it out for a game, and it was lovely.  To be honest, I find baseball a little boring, but to sit on the bright green lawn at a shiny new park under the huge Texas sky at dusk with storm clouds rolling in, and the smell of the country air mixed with the scent of fresh caramel corn...yeah, it was a good night. 

*Left town for a ten day vacation to see family in Colorado, which included a 1st birthday party for our second niece, a 6 day stay in Steamboat Springs with the whole family (more on that later), a great night with old friends, a great tea date at a favorite spot, and more good food and good laughs than I can remember. 

What kept you busy in July?  I would love to hear all about it!
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