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29 October 2013

Hawaii 2010.  The last time I was too morning-sick to move.

In case you were thinking, "Man, she must really love that birthday invitation."  Well, yes, I do love it.  But it has not been at the top of the blog feed for over two months just because I love it so.

I have to be honest.  I have not missed the blog world in the last two months.  I haven't missed the self-promotional posts, or the product placements masquerading as honest opinions, or the move toward getting something out of blogging other than connections to like-minded people. 

Yes, I do blog in part to attract attention to my shop.  I don't hide that...it is the very title of the blog.  However, I don't blog so that you will buy my stuff.  Instead I hope to share the story behind the things that I create.  I like to read blogs that share stories, not opinions.  I know there is a fine line sometimes, but you know the difference when you are done reading a post.  One leaves you feeling enriched in some way (happier, more knowledgeable, filled with thought), and the other leaves you feeling like you wasted your time, angry, or disappointed. 

Enough of the blog world critique, and back to the break... 

The last post corresponded not only with my daughter's second birthday, but also with the onset of morning all-day sickness.  We are expecting Baby #2, and we are very happy, but I have also been entirely unable to function. The studio turned back into our dining room as any creative work ceased production.  I tried to convince myself that creating life is job enough, but alas, as I laid on the couch for what felt like eons, too sick to even sit up sometimes, I knew that my little shop missed me, and I missed it.

One bit of silver lining is that all that couch time allowed for lots of reading with Court.  I love reading beautiful children's books and always seem to get artistic inspiration from them.  So once I get back to full speed, Whitehall Shop will once again be rolling on with new prints.  Until then, enjoy the picture above, since it is something other than a birthday invitation.
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