Favorite Elementary Field Trip?

23 January 2014

We all took them, so spill...what was your favorite field trip from the elementary school days?

I remember going on several that were pretty decent.  The Natural History Museum in Denver was good, huge dinosaur skeletons, and all.  But I was always overly concerned that my sack lunch would get lost in the enormous pile of lunch-toting storage boxes that were dumped, in no compelling order that I could discern, at the school entrance to the museum.

The best part about the San Antonio Zoo trip in Kindergarten was painting our t-shirts the week before we went.  We all had to have the same animal as the rest of the class printed on our shirt so we could walk up to strangers and have them play Where's Waldo to find the class full of zebra shirts if we got lost.  I don't remember the actual zoo animals much.  But the zebra shirts were cool.  Also, the two hour school bus ride in Texas heat with only the hot air blowing in the windows to 'cool' us, left a little to be desired.  Small town problems. 

My favorite was the walking tour of downtown Denver.  I think it was fourth or fifth grade, and we were doing the local history thing in class.  We got to visit the Mint, which unless you live in Denver, San Francisco, or Philadelphia, you didn't get to do as a kid.  We watched quarters filter through the creation process, and dreamed about how rich we would be if grabbed a handful on our way out.  (The answer is not very.  Small hands + quarters = $2.50, not exactly untold wealth... and that is to say nothing of the massively armed guards with eagle eyes standing at all exits).  We also got to go to the Brown Palace Hotel, where we got to drink water from a fountain that was fed by an artisian well 720 feet under the hotel.  I thought it would be an actual fountain.  It was an actual drinking fountain.  Still a cool place to visit though (as long as you stayed in a single file line and didn't say a peep until we got back outside.  Seriously, this is a nice place people.  Don't get us kicked out!). 

I guess the take-away is that kids are simultaneously very easy and very difficult to please. I was only, "Eh," on all the exotic animals and three-story tall prehistoric creatures.  But show me some shiny objects, let me drink water from a fountain, and let me keep my lunch in my own backpack, and we have a winner of a day!

What was your favorite field trip as a kid?  And were you worried about your lunch, too?  Or was that just me?

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