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10 January 2014

I have been truant for the blogging high holy days.  I didn't post pictures of the cutest bunny ever to roam the streets on Halloween (who still thinks that she is a bunny, by the way).  I didn't post the recipe to the best turkey and gravy we have ever made for Thanksgiving (I'll get you next year).  I didn't provide a DIY tutorial for how I made our new tree skirt (or new tree ornaments, the Christmas card I designed, or Christmas morning cream cheese coffee cake, or...well, any of it).  Maybe I will double down on all of that in the coming year.  Maybe.

For now, I am happy to be existing in the day to day.  We are still making delicious food, but I don't feel anxious to take pictures of it to share with you.  You should come over for dinner some time, and we can do it up right for you.  It always tastes better than the pictures look anyway.  We are still going outside to feel the cold winter air on our faces (though admittedly, our definition of cold is slightly warmer than for most of you this year).  We are still painting and doing projects to keep our hands busy.  I will try to share some with you in the coming months.

But mostly, we are soaking in the last few months as a family of three.  Maybe that is why I haven't been so eager to invite everyone out there in the big wide world in to the party.  For now I am keeping the pictures, tastes, moments, smells, and memories to myself.  Hoarding them.  Savoring them. 

Soon we will be a family of four. We already are in a way.  And I am prone to fits of nostalgia, so the sense that life is transitioning again has got me running through gauntlets of emotion (because a pregnant lady needs help feeling emotional).  The takeaway is sweet though.  This wondrous life is about to get even more amazing. 

I haven't forgotten about you though.  To make amends for my absence I offer this...

...a REAL bunny, on Halloween.
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  1. I really do need to move closer... so I can come over to dinner and enjoy all your great cooking, and to watch your family grow and flourish. Love this post ... it is so YOU. Looking forward to your posts in 2014. XO