National Tea Month...and a Peach Tea Non-Recipe

29 January 2014

I have written previously about how ridiculous these "National fill-in-the-blank Day" ideas are (Houseplant Appreciation Day, seriously?).  But once again, I find one I like, and now I am on board the silly train.  Enter, National Tea Month. 

I don't know the particular rules of this recognition holiday, but since it is January (and so many of you are bundling up against Arctic Cold Wave #who's-counting-anymore) I am assuming that hot tea would be the preference.   Normally I would agree (and full disclosure, I am sitting in front of a steamy hot mug of Orange Spice Tea right now), but since this is Southeast Texas and cold weather is a relative term around here, I also have another favorite. 

I have been downing peach iced tea like the well is about to dry up.  I like it unsweetened and sweetened (for those in the Arctic zone who are unfamiliar with Southern ways, that would be syrupy sugar water with a little tea added in), and normally with peach schnapps...because who doesn't like a little schnapps.  However, I don't think it is very becoming of little boys to be addicted to peach schnapps at birth, so I have been opting for peach juice while (as my father would say) I am in this condition (seriously, he says a lot of things that no one else says anymore). 

Don't one is asking you to make your own peach juice.  But these were from last August's peach-a-palooza and I thought they were pretty.

Now would be the time when a normal blogger would offer you a recipe, but there isn't one.  You just throw black tea and peach juice/schnapps together in a glass over ice and add a bendy straw ('cause those are fun).  The amount of peach depends on how gossipy you want to get with the neighbors while drinking your new favorite beverage in the sun (no offense Arctic peeps, you'll see the sun again someday). 

Don't forget the straw. If you don't have them, it might be a sign that you take life too seriously. 

So go forth and celebrate National Tea Month before it is over.  And for God's sake, please do not read all those National Tea Month articles by the snooty tea people that make you feel bad for not knowing what a Golden Dragon Gyokuro Roobios Bai Hao Oolong Assam Tan Yang Gong Fu Monkey Tea is. Unless you are a snooty tea person, then who am I to judge how you celebrate your holy days.
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