Snow Days in Texas

28 January 2014

In case you were wondering what a "Snow Day" looks like in Southeast Texas...

Okay, okay, so it is more like an "Icy Bridges and Overpasses Day."  

But after coming from Colorado where we had "early releases" and "late starts" but not one snow day in 13 years (the 13 years that happened to coincide with our K-12 years), we will take this non-snow "Snow Day."  

In fact, in Colorado we had snow the morning of our graduation, on May 24th, and the principal declared that the outdoor ceremony must go on and we would just have to show our "Trailblazer Spirit" to make it through the cold (no jackets allowed, even under the graduation gowns).  Clearly my Trailblazer Spirit has waned as I didn't even step out of the front doorway to take this picture.  

It is cold, y'all!

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