Valentine's Day Garland

10 February 2014

This week was way to cold to go outside, so craftiness ensued.  I ended up with a sweet little garland of hearts to adorn our fireplace mantle.  Because what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't update the fireplace mantle for every holiday?  Oh, the peer pressure.

Though the world needs another garland tutorial like it needs a hole in the head (and more hackneyed similes), I do actually really love this whole sewing paper garlands trend.  And cutting out scrap paper and adding stitching is kind of what I do.  (You have seen the shop, haven't you?)

So I give you... Valentine's Day Heart Garland.

If you want to create one of your own, the steps are simple. 

  • I made a template heart (freehand), and traced it onto the back of some cute scrapbook papers.

  • Cut out all the hearts. I guestimated the number I would need. I ended up with extra, hence the extra swags. It is not a science. Just cut out a bunch.

  • Stack the hearts in the order you want them. This doesn't matter if you use the same paper.  I didn't want all the purples grouped next to each other accidentally, so I made sure the colors were spaced out and random.

  • Giving a little lead thread, feed the hearts through the sewing machine, one by one.  I used a regular stitch with average spacing.  Just be sure to have the next heart at the ready to feed through when the previous heart has fed passed the needle.


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