Because A Great Mantle Needs Great Art

12 March 2014

We have a big fireplace and mantle.  We do not have a big living room, but that just makes the fireplace seem all the bigger.  And for the first three years of living here, we didn't have any artwork befitting such a fireplace.  I love the painting that we put there (done by my grandfather based off a newspaper clipping he found), but it was nowhere near the right scale for the enormous mantle. 
Remind me to show you this painting up close though, it really is something special.

It was driving me mad.  We even found a large frame at a garage sale that fit the space, but had nothing to put in it. So in a fit of gumption, I got out the paints and a piece of cardboard.  I figured that I would paint something simple and geometric and slap it up there until I found something better. 
Inspiration piece

Well, it turns out that after drawing countless circles with my trusty compass, geometric patterns are not as easy as they seem.  Madness was sneaking up on me again. 

So I turned to my Art board on Pinterest, hoping to find some inspiration.  I found a painting that I really liked.  "Sure, I can whip up a landscape painting with a cute little white building with no previous experience doing any such thing...and all in an hour before I need to make dinner?  Yeah, no problem."

Well, as it turned out...

First ever painting (that wasn't simple geometric or craft painting)!
In all fairness, Jonny made dinner that night.

Now that it is done, and I love it, I wish that I had done it on something better than thin cardboard (it was only supposed to be temporary).  I gave the cardboard texture by mod-podging on some crumpled-then-flattened phone book pages before I attempted the geometric design (Oh, did I mention I was using acryllic craft paints? Please no comments from the professionals), and I really like the way it looks under the new painting. 

There are plenty of technical flaws in the painting (uppity critics need not elaborate), but I learned so many techniques while working on it that I can only say embrace your fits of gumption.  It is not a great masterpiece hanging in a gallery, but it is perfectly befitting for a big fireplace mantle in our little living room.

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  1. I think its beautiful. I want a replica. :)

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  3. I think its beautiful. I want a replica. :)