Busy Hibernating, Be Back Soon...

24 March 2014

Lately, my favorite books with Court have been about bears.  I Love You, Daddy by Jillian Harker; Little Cub by Olivier Dunrea; Red Sled by Lita Judge; Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson; and several others have been on regular rotation.  I think it is because I am getting ready to hibernate.  I know, I know...Hey crazy lady, it's finally Spring!  But folks, Baby Boy is going to be here in a week (!), and I have been a machine lately making this den as cozy and ready as possible.  I am ready for a rest and some sweet baby cuddles!

On the business end of things, Whitehall Shop will be open and ready for your orders.  Luckily my den is also my office, so no need for taking leave.  However, you may not hear from me on this little ol' blog for a couple of weeks. Sorry about that friends.  When I return, I will bring brownies and sweet baby pictures (well, you may have to make your own brownies unless you are within visiting distance).

Hasta Luego!
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