Every Girl Needs a Good Tea Shop

06 March 2014

I strongly believe that every girl needs a good tea shop (at least the tea obsessed such as myself).  Unfortunately, mine is in a different state.  I am lucky enough to get back to English Tealeaves at least once a year, and every time I am in Colorado, my mom and I partake in our ritual trip that has become tradition (She is far luckier and only lives down the road from this sweet place).

A gift from the shop.  I call her Mrs. Potts...
because I am from that generation.
The shop is in Parker, Colorado, and if you are ever in the area, I promise that it is worth the visit.  My mom and I began going years ago because it was a good place to sit and talk for hours with a warm beverage and just-the-right-size scones with devonshire cream (oh...the cream!!!).  We have been there during sad times when you just need some cozy comfort, and happy times when you can't wait to try a new tea from a far away place, and a lot of 'just to visit' times (and, funnily, that devonshire cream seems to fit so nicely at all times).

The owners are a lovely English couple who exceed all expectations of the perfect Engligh tea shop proprietors.  Lynn is quiet but sweetly polite and helpful.  Rob is gregarious, with just enough cheek to keep you on your toes. 

Their selections and varieties of tea account for more than I could drink in 6 months time.  Every imaginable flavor of black and green tea, along with strong pure brews that will warm you from within. 

These are my two current favorites from the shop:
Rose White and Caramel Nut.
One of my favorite parts is the atmosphere.  This is no stuffy victorian tea room.  The shop is light, clean, and modern, and the chairs are perfectly comfortable for the marathon conversations that we always seem to have while there. 

The best traditions always seem to happen on accident, don't they?  I never have good luck if I set out to find my new favorite place or demand to start a new tradition, but they always seem to pop up when I least expect them.  Maybe the surprise and spontineity of it all is what makes them so good. 

Do you have a favorite tea place?  I haven't found one closer to home yet.  It is one of the businesses that I am always starting in my head.  Don't you think it would be fun to own a tea shop?  I will have to start working on my accent.

There is no sponsorship or exchange of money for kind words here.  I just genuinely love this place and think you should go.
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