3rd Birthday Party Invitation

22 September 2014

I can't stop with the homemade invitations, you guys.  I always have a specific idea about what the invites should look like, and they just aren't out there, unless your budget is $60 just for invitations.  Ouch!

And they are so much fun to make at home.  I have talked about how I make them in them in the past.  Here are the last two:  First Birthday  & Second Birthday.*

Fonts Used

(For a tutorial on how to download fonts onto your computer, click here.)

Oh, and how was the party, you ask?  Well, there were decorate-them-yourself cupcakes with icing (which apparently tasted infinitely better squirted directly into tiny toddler hands), mini-M&M's, sprinkles, and a cherry for the top.  There was a stunning silence as the girls very studiously decorated and absorbed more sugar than they should have in a month.  Then they went back to giggling and running and playing.  I'd say a winner of a third birthday party.  But in case you need proof...

Is there anything better?

*I like looking at when the old invitations were posted.  First birthday = a month in advance, a mom on top of her game.  Second birthday = on her actual birthday, a blogger on top of her game.  Third birthday = a month and a half later, mom of two, still trying to find my brain.  
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