Butterfly Center at HMNS

26 September 2014

A while back I posted about free things to do in Houston.  And this one isn't free, but it is not expensive, and so so worth it...the Butterfly Center at the Houston Museum of Nature and Science.  It is a very neat place to see, and if you are not near Houston, find one that is close to your area (different versions are all over the country).  Court loved it and despite the plethora of butterflies, she remembers getting to touch the hissing cockroach the most (sigh).

Here are some pretty pictures...just 'cause their pretty.

A 5,000 globe sitting in water that a three-year-old can spin...very cool.
(The butterflies are in the glass atrium you can see in the background.)

And...the hissing cockroach.
Have you ever been to a butterfly center in your area?
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