My Favorite Little Girl's Nursery

12 February 2015

As we are nearing the big first birthday for our sweet boy, I keep thinking about how much has changed in the last year.  Just a year ago, Court was in the nursery; in the crib.  Nathan wasn't here.  I was huge.  It seems so foreign to me, and yet is was only one year ago.

So when nostalgia strikes, I do what any weepy mom does when she realizes her babies are growing up, I scanned through hundreds (if not thousands) of baby photos while pounding animal crackers (well, the Girl Scout cookies haven't been delivered yet, and slide shows need snacks.  Don't judge.).

I also realized that I never showed you Court's nursery.  It is no longer hers.  She is now a big girl, occupying the big girl bed, in her big girl room.  But the pictures are still here as evidence that she was, in fact, once my tiny little bundle.

The sign above the bookshelf: "I want to help you to grow as beautiful as God meant you
to be when he thought of you first." -George MacDonald.

I added trim to plain white curtains to match the crib skirt I made.
The bookshelf was a hand-painted shower gift.

'Little Poet' sign painted by a friend.  Court's middle name means little poet.

A lamp I had in my room as a child.

A rocking chair I have had for a decade.  Spent hundreds of hours there in the last three years.

The twigs were from the gorgeous tree that used to stand outside her window.  The letters are fabric on wooden blocks.

Hand-cut butterflies above the crib.

I'll post new pictures of the nursery and her big girl room soon.

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