Happy Easter Banner {Updated}

30 March 2015

I just love a white fireplace mantle, but sadly, when I first created this Easter Banner, ours was not a gleaming white focal point, but a 90's medium stained brown box that sat atop A LOT of dark red brick.

Yikes!  For a lot of reasons, yikes!

So I thought that I would give you a new look at this cute Easter banner.

So much prettier, right?

The original tutorial is here on the website.

The banner was made from cardstock (that I painted with craft paint to get the colors I wanted) and scrapbook papers (the cute pastel circles) that were sewn together on the sewing machine.  Then I attached it to the mantle with regular tape.  

If you are thinking that the 'S' in Easter looks upside down, you are correct; a fact I didn't notice until the second year we had it hanging.  Stay humble folks, no one is perfect!
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