St. Patrick's Day Banner

10 March 2015

It all started on Pinterest (as it always does), when I pinned this little St. Patrick's Day flag to my Holidays board.  I am a sucker for anything from Pottery Barn, but I thought I might be able to recreate this little flag, instead of spending a gajillion dollars $40.

Original Pottery Barn Version
So I grabbed the extra burlap (I know you have it lying around, too.), the Irish-ist craft paint I had in my stash, and spent way too long trying to trace the image of the Pottery Barn shamrock off my computer in a size that would be useable.  Don't worry, I will give you the template so your daughter doesn't have to remind you that "Pencils are for paper, not the computer, Momma!"

I cut out the template, traced it onto the burlap and painted in the image.  I hand-lettered the "Happy St. Partick's" since there was no way to quickly and easily transfer lettering onto the burlap.  I used the Sharpie first, and then traced over it with my thinnest paint brush.

Once the paint dried, I grabbed a piece of spare wood sitting in the garage.  I was clearly going for fancy, but you can use a dowel, or anything that seems about the right size.  I wrapped the burlap around the wood and stapled it with a staple gun (small hand-held one), and stapled on some cotton twine to hang it.  Pretty simple.

After all was said and done, I have to say that I like it.  It was a momma & three-year-old daughter/artist craft project, so of course there were a couple accidental green paint blobs outside the shamrock that I not-so-sneakily tried to cover with tan paint.  But mistakes are memories, right?  

You are pretending that you don't see those two huge tan blotches aren't you.
See, that's why we are friends.
As promised, here is the Shamrock template, so that you can make your own banner, and wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Roll over the image and click on the arrow square in the upper right corner to see it larger and print it.

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