The Best {Little} Azaleas in Houston

25 March 2015

You know those people that post thousands of pictures of their cat as though you care about their cat?  I apologize in advance, but today I am that person.  But I have a strong dislike of cats (you know the whole life-threatening allergy thing), and so today, dear reader, I give you azaleas.  I know you care far more about what is for snack than about my flower beds, but having azalea beds has been a dream of mine since I read my first Southern Living, so your going to have to smile and nod here for a second.

If you are familiar with Southeast Texas, you know that these are shrimpy little baby azalea plants, but they have survived a couple of drought summers and freezing winters in their early years, and now they are a-bloomin'! the morning sunlight.

And be honest, a little pretty never ruined your day.
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