Vintage Travel 1st Birthday Party

17 April 2015

I would like to say that we keep it simple for birthday parties at our house, and compared to what you see on Pinterest, we certainly do.  But crafty people gotta craft.  So there is always a little something homemade at each of our kiddo birthday parties.  And for little man's 1st birthday, we took the vintage-y travel theme he has going on in his nursery as a cue.  (You can find the party invitation here.)

Big sister decided that we MUST make we did.  To top them, I cut out a pinwheel template from an old Houston map (does anyone use paper maps for getting around these days?), and hot glued the pinwheels together.

We have a wonderful friend who made Court's 1st birthday smash cake, and she was so generous to keep the tradition for Nathan.  It was a six inch, two-tier cake.  I found the idea for the clothespin airplane on Pinterest (where else?), and Jonny glued it together in no time.  The clouds decorations are craft felt glued to skewers (the cake clouds were fondant).

The birthday boy had a great time, despite being a little overwhelmed by all the people staring at him.

He never did 'smash' into his cake.  He didn't even pick at it until he got a fork in hand.  And his favorite part was feeding bites to Court.  Such a gentleman.

Gosh I love these kiddos!
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