Vintage Travel First Birthday Invitation

04 April 2015

I have come to believe that homemade invitations are the best.  If you need examples, you can see Court's invitations here, here, and here

I used to search for the perfect invitation for hours, and if I found what I wanted it cost a fortune (hello letterpress!), and if I could afford it, it was never the right design.   In the time I spent searching, I could have just made something myself.  So I hopped onto PicMonkey and made this little invitation for our vintage travel birthday party.  I printed these out onto a textured vanilla-colored scrapbook paper that I cut down to size (to fit through the printer).  They looked pretty darn cute, even if I do say so myself.  

If you are looking to create something similar, here are the fonts that I used:

And if you need a reminder on how to download free fonts to your own computer, click here!

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