Paper Flower Wreath

27 May 2015

When you love making things with paper, and you feel that the mirror in your newly painted laundry room just absolutely must have a cute wreath to hang over it, and you can't find a cute homemade boxwood wreath tutorial, and you are not about to figure out that whole preserving boxwood with glycerin thing when it only lasts for a couple of years anyway, and the same site that had a not-so-fantastic paper boxwood wreath tutorial had this really-fantastic paper rose wreath tutorial...well, it all just falls into place, doesn't it!

Below are the pictures I took of my process, but I just followed the directions from Lia Griffith's site, and you should, too (she did a great job).

I printed off the paper rose patterns that she has available for free on her site.  They are pink (you even get to choose your shade of pink), and I wanted white, so I just traced the pink pattern pieces onto my own white paper (extra from our wedding programs...7 years ago).

There are seven petals to each rose, and they only took about 5 minutes to glue each one together (not including time to cut out the patterns).  I used some old floral wire I have had for ages.  To watch how they go together (really helpful!), check out Lia Griffith's instruction video here.

Aren't they pretty little flowers?  To fasten them together into a wreath, I just took a really long length of that same old wire, wrapped it several times around into a circle and twisted the ends to fasten it.  I twisted the strands of wire together around the circle to try to make it sturdier.  I am not recommending this way of doing it, but it worked, and I do recommend going with whatever you have on hand when the project so far has been free, and you don't want to have to spend money when there must be something around here I could use...

World's darkest (non-basement) laundry room.  Sorry for the low lighting/bad photos.  
Here she is hanging in the laundry room. I used packing tape to stick the burlap ribbon to the back of the mirror (fancy, I know).
Bring over some iced tea and you can see it in person, and we can talk about how I need a DSLR camera to take better photos.
At some point I will show you the laundry room before and afters, but until I get some professional camera lights, you'll just have to settle for really terrible photos small peeks.  Plus, I have one more little sign to paint this week before the room is finished (hahaha...finished.  Good one, huh?).

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