Amazing Grace {free printable}

03 June 2015

Amazing Grace is one of my favorite songs (and I know that I am hardly alone on that).  It is a song that I remember singing since my childhood, and I have sung it to my children since their births.  It is a song that seems to fit so many seasons in life, and everyone seems to know at least the first verse.

Amazing Grace Wreath Printable

As a kid, I had a different definition of my faith than I have now. Young people tend to think of themselves as infallible and I was no different.  But now, as a mother, I am daily reminded of just how important the gift of Grace is in our lives.  Daily. Reminded.

So if you love Amazing Grace, and like free printables, I give you...

Roll over the image and click on the arrow square in the upper right corner to see it larger and print it.

To print the image for your own use, you can open the PDF above and print it on the paper of your choice (I would use regular ol' paper if you are putting it in a frame, or card stock if it will be naked).  
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