How Did We Live Before Pinterest?

30 June 2015

Before email, we wrote letters, and we all knew how much stamps cost.  Before cooking shows, we all had shelves full of cookbooks, and used them.  And what did I, an obsessively organized, design addicted, office supply loving nerd, do before Pinterest?  This....

It's a binder of crazy.  And it's beautiful.

I was cleaning off a bookshelf in the office and found this enormous binder full of carefully scrapbooked magazine tears that are categorized almost exactly like my Pinterest boards.  It is hard to believe that I had forgotten about this, since it clearly took some effort to create.

In a way, I loved finding it and thought, "Wow, that is awesome...and I am a nerd for pretty houses."  But it also made me a little sad.  The time I waste looking at pretty things under the guise of "getting inspiration" is bordering on insane.  Sometimes the amount of stuff that we have and the time spent caring for all the "stuff" is a stunning waste of a life.  Sorry to get all preachy, but it just makes me think, that's all.

Anyway, in the South there is a line that women walk between hiding their crazy and putting it on the front porch for the world to see.  So here is my a binder...with sheet protectors.  Feel free to pull up a chair and join me for some iced tea.
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