May Flowers

08 June 2015

Orange Day Lily Blooms

According to Court, April showers bring my flowers.  And after correcting her dozens of times to no avail, I gave in. She saw new blooms daily in our yard, and not being proficient in calendaring yet, she could not be convinced that these flowers belonged to some arbitrary month, instead of her.

Agapanthus blooms up close

We pretty much have beautiful flowers year round.  I'm not going to lie, it is fabulous.  

  • End of January/February: Camellias
  • March: Azaleas
  • April: Azaleas 
  • May: Agapanthus/ Hydrangea
  • June: Daylillies/ Hydrangea/ Jatropha
  • August: Encore Azaleas/ Jatropha
  • September: Encore Azaleas/ Jatropha
  • October: Hibiscus/ Mums/ Jatropha
  • November: Hibiscus

Pink Hydrangea blooms

Early June is the sweet spot of the year in our garden though, when the Daylillies, Agapathus, and Hydrangea are all in bloom (and the Magnolias, too, but that is in our neighbor's yard, so we can't claim it...but gorgeous!).

I would like more colorful blooms in the late summer, so I might have to get some zinnias, or something.  Do you have a favorite late summer bloomer that can survive the heat (we are Zone 9a).  I would love to hear about it!

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