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25 July 2015

Don't Worry, Summer's Not Over Yet

This is the point of summer where we start to realize that it will end at some point, and...oh, gosh...that point is soon!  Right around the Fourth of July, it feels like summer and her magic will go on forever.  We just hit our summer stride, and then we look at the calendar and realize that August is already filling up with teacher meetings and registrations for fall activities and turning in paperwork, and buying supplies, and all manner of things that don't sound very summer-y.

So we are taking a look at the Summer Bucket List again, and getting serious about play time.  We need a few more weeks of things that sound, feel, and taste like summer.

Riding Bikes

In the last couple of days we...

  • Attended a Candy Party for our sweet neighbor girl who got her braces off.  Yay for Popcorn, and Starburst, and Gummy Bears! (Isn't that a cute idea for a party?!)
  • Celebrated Mom's 60th Birthday with copious amounts of iced tea and queso at CafĂ© Adobe. (If you are in Houston, you should go.  It's good.)  Mexican food doesn't really have a season, but something about summer seems to call for some good Tex-Mex.  
  • Rode bikes around the cul-de-sac.  If we haven't worn ruts into that cement by the time these kiddos are grown, we won't have done our job as parents.  
  • Eaten piles of sweet and juicy cherries!  They are in season now, and fantastic this year.

Bowl of Cherries

In the next week we are going to...

  • Make homemade ice cream (probably chocolate, because we have a good recipe that I will share with you after we taste test...for quality assurance purposes, of course).
  • Check out the semi-local splash pad (that I just found out is city-owned, so we won't be trespassing...score!).  
  • Make decorations for Court's birthday party coming up in August.  (I spelled 'towel' wrong on the invitation...I found out after I sent it out to all the preschool Mother-in-law pointed it out...I was mortified...pretty decorations will help me feel better.)
  • Swim, Swim, Swim...well, the boy mostly chillaxes in his floaty.

Usually I think of cleaning as a chore, but in summer, we are cleaning up wet suits and towels (not towls...ahhh!), and cleaning up for visiting family to stay the night.  So it means we are blessed with great people and fun things to do.  Are there better reasons to clean?  If so, I don't know them.  Even cleaning in summer is magical ( I may have had a little too much coffee this morning, and I'm feeling a little jazzed).

So in summation, the registration forms and supply lists are go out and get your summer on while you still can!  I will be checking in with that ice cream recipe soon, so if you are Bluebell detoxing, don't worry, the whole summer isn't ruined.  
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