11 July 2015

I think that I have told you this before, but when it comes to grandparents, I hit the jackpot.  Seriously, both sides.  Four of the most amazing people that a girl could have in her life.  All four completely different from one another, yet all so admirable and central to my understanding of truth and beauty in this world.

More and more I remember the lessons that I learned from their example because a) each new day shows me the wisdom of their lives as I struggle with decisions in my own, and b) because the memories are all that I have left from three of the four.

I have been pouring over those memories in the last couple of weeks since my Grandpa Gene passed away. I have been trying to decide how much to share here, and have been asked a couple of times if I had written anything yet about him.  And there is so much material to draw from.  He was a rich and complex person, but that is also what makes him so hard to capture.

So I think I am going to take a pass on this one.  Maybe I am just not ready, but I am feeling very protective of his memory right now. The two people who I really want to know him are his only great grandchildren (my kiddos).  I hope that I can give them some hint of who he was as I try daily to live up to his example.
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