Hand Painted Mudroom Sign

16 July 2015

Hand painted "To The Boat" sign with arrow leaning on mantle.

You know I can't resist a good painting project.   And the bare wall above the swim towel/purse/backpack coat hooks was looking a little bare.  So I thought I would paint one of those "Beach" arrow signs that are in every catalog and store right now (which means I am not even close to trendy, but so it goes).

Balsa wood plank leaning on white door

I had a leftover plank of balsa wood from an old project.  You can find these at any craft store.  On a side note, isn't that a stunning photo of a bare wood board leaning against a pantry door?  I try for you guys, I really do!

White painted boards on green buckets

I painted the plank with some leftover off-white paint we had.  The other plank is for another project that I will show you later...ooo, can you feel the suspense!  

Hand painted letters

As always, I laid out the wording that I wanted on the computer.  Printed it out, and after doing the ol' carbon paper transfer trick, I painted in the outlines using some leftover gray paint (from this project).  Since everyone with a Ballard catalog has the "Beach" sign, I figured we would go with a slight change.  We spent our honeymoon in Steamboat Springs, Colorado (which the locals call "The Boat"), and the flags coming off the capital B are a nod to Steamboat's logo (what, your town doesn't have a logo?).  Cheesy? Yes.  Do we like it? Yes.  

Here is the finished sign leaning on the mantle, since it is cute there (and the lighting isn't appalling).

Fonts Used:

"To" is Bergamot Ornaments (the letter w)
"The Boat" is Pharmacy in different sizes.

Hand painted sign above coat hooks

Here it is in the mudroom (with the appalling lighting).

Mudroom sign above coat hooks
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