Big Changes: Guest Room to a Big Girl Room

28 August 2015

A little while back I posted about Court's nursery room, that hasn't been her room for over a year now.  So it is probably time that I make good on my promise of showing you her big girl room.  But before it was her Big Girl room, it was the guest room.  So first, let's take a trip back to 2009 when we bought the house...

No, the house was not an abandoned foreclosure.  And no, I did not think that I would be posting this picture publicly when I took it.  But it is the only pic we have with the original colors, curtains, and a hint of the baseball wallpaper border up in the ceiling corner (the border that makes me evil laugh every time people say on TV "Oh, we can just take down the wallpaper."  Heheheh...right).

The first thing we did was take down the shorty curtains, rip off the wallpaper border, and paint the room 'Yukon Gold'. We hung floor length white curtains, and put in what furniture we had to make it a guest room.  It already felt warmer and way cozier for guests than sleeping on the air mattress.

Inherited quilts, an old leather camera case, and a basket of card decks...because you know Nertz happens when we have guests.
Not everything was removed from the original room.  Up in the corners of each window were these tiny cards of Mary.  We figured if Mary has been happy there since the house was built, then who are we to move her?

And so we fast forward to 2014, when a new baby came home, and needed a baby nursery.  So our not-so-baby-anymore big girl moved into the bigger room.  

Did I mention the bigger room comes with a tent?  Pretty awesome, right!

You'll recognize the "Little Poet" sign and butterflies from her nursery (because you have a great memory, I just know it).  And she inherited the body pillow that I couldn't sleep without had when I was pregnant.  Since we still use the room for guests when family visits, we kept the queen size bed.  I feel like the pillow helps make the bed seem less ginormous for a little girl, but it is still huge.  And since there are no cute pillow cases in that size, I made this one from some fabric that I had on hand (*cough*cough*fabric hoarder*cough*cough).

She got the easel for her third birthday, which she loves, but I will caution that when purchasing the awesome $15 easel from IKEA, get yourself some Magic Erasers because easel in room + unattended nap time = wall art.  ("But we bought you the easel for drawing!!!" "But I wanted to make the walls pretty, too!")

We liked the dark wooden dresser in the nursery so much, that we got the same one in white for the big girl room.  The pin board is actually a plain bulletin board that I covered in batting and fabric to make it prettier.

Hello Whitehall Shop print!  It is one of my favorites.  I also still love the hand colored quotation above it.  It hung in her nursery and it is just about the best prayer/piece of advice I have ever heard.  All other advice is secondary.  If you honor your children as the creations of God that they are, everything else falls into place. All other principles seem incomplete.

And so now we are up to early summer 2015.  But this summer we made one more change.  So I will post pictures of that change soon.  Or if you can't wait to see it, come on over, but call first, and bring a snack. We like snacks around here.

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