{Free} Printable August and September Calendar Pages

10 August 2015

They are here.  The registration forms, the supply lists, the fall schedules, etc. etc. But instead of bemoaning the end of summer (of coarse we don't want it to end), I have decided to focus on the fact that with the schedules and deadlines comes routines and lists.  I love routines and lists!

My husband regularly mocks my list making.  He is more of a just-get-up-and-do-it kind of guy.  Which is great if you are a husband/father/man/not-the-person-in-charge-of-returning-the-forms-and-buying-the-supplies-and-getting-the-people-to-the-right-place-at-the-right-time-guy.  As a wife/mother/lady/you-get-the-idea, there is a lot rolling around in my head that just needs to get organized before I can do any of it.

So I make lists.  And the perfect companion to a list, is a calendar page.  So I make calendar pages, too. And since we are friends, and you would have stopped reading a paragraph ago if you don't like lists/calendars, I thought you might like to print one out for yourself!

We are already cruising through August, but no one starts paying attention until halfway through anyway, right?  Below you will find two PDF files, one for August and one for September.  This will get you started for the back-to-school goings on.

Roll over the image and click on the arrow square in the upper right corner to see it larger and print it.

Now go forth and make lists!
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