Frozen Birthday Party Invitation

17 August 2015

We live in a neighborhood with a good mix of young families and older couples whose kids have grown and moved away.  Every time we talk to the older crowd, we are told, "Enjoy those kiddos, because time flies so fast."  Well, that is a lesson that I fully take to heart, because today, my sweet baby girl, who still insists that she is a baby bunny, is turning FOUR.  She is sitting next to me right now, coloring inside the lines, speaking in full, well-crafted sentences, and pacing herself on the animal crackers, "because I want to take my time and enjoy them, Momma."  So despite her baby bunny-ness, she is, in fact, more mature than I am (my animal crackers were gone within a minute of sitting down).  

As is the custom around these parts, birthdays mean birthday parties.  And four year old birthdays mean Frozen birthday parties (at least for the next five minutes until Disney comes out with the next obsession). 

Normally I like making invitations from scratch, but this year, I owe the credit entirely to Becca at Summer Bloom.  I straight up copied 85% of her invitation design.  I made it all myself in PicMonkey, finding my own patterns, fonts, and graphics, but the inspiration is clearly evident.  

Lately I have been on more of a minimalist kick, but minimalist is not what a soon-to-be four year old wants. When I asked her if she wanted fewer colors or patterns or graphics, she looked at me like I was a space alien from planet NoFunBoringsMcVille.  

So we went with not-minimalist...

Colorful Summer Frozen Birthday Party Invitation

The fonts used:

If you need help figuring out how to download these fonts to use them on your computer, see this post.
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