{Quiz} What Kind of Creative Are You?

24 August 2015

There is nothing that grates on me more than people who say, "Oh, you are so creative, I can't do stuff like that."  I have not found a way to tell people just how wrong they are in those small-talk moments.  Everyone has creativity in them.  They may not practice it, but they have it.  Creativity is not a natural born skill, but an inclination to make the world around us more beautiful through the work of our hands.

To be a good artist or chef, one has to practice.  No you can't bake a Chocolate Genoise cake with Mocha Mascarpone if you haven't even tried blueberry muffins.  But start with the muffins, and you will get there. And once you get there, you will need to come over and share, because I love cake, and know that we will be great friends.

Anywho...if you need help finding your creative outlet, or just want to take a fun quiz (I took it myself a couple of times and I made the darn thing), I give you...

Let me know your results in the comments; I would love to know!
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