My Favorite Little Boy's Nursery

21 September 2015

A while back I shared with you how the nursery looked when it belonged to sweet sweet baby #1.  Well, then along came sweet sweet baby #2, and a little switch up in the nursery.  Lest you think I have a new baby, let me say that he is well over a year old now, and this post was waiting on pictures from a very dark room (great black out curtains = good napper = happy momma = bad blog photos = procrastinating blogger = you get the idea).

No one had any desire to repaint a well painted room, so the peachy "Sweet Cream" color is still there, and, honestly, I think it looks good.  Once we put up all the new decorations, it didn't fee like a little girls' room anymore.

See that 12 month photo frame with all the photos filled in...yeah, this baby is almost not a baby anymore.

Most of the furniture was kept the same.  We did switch out the bookshelf with one that I painted with blue stripes.  I also switched out the curtains and crib skirt, sewing new ones just like I had done for Court, but in the new nursery fabrics (baby blue stripe, baby blue with small white polka dots, and a golden solid accent). Please forgive the short curtains.

TIP: Never wash your curtains.  Ever.  You will think, "Hey, let's give these a wash since we will have a new baby in the house, and we will reduce allergens," or some nonsense, and I am here to tell you that you will only shrink them, and wrinkle them in a way that no iron can straighten out.  I know, I know, I thought I was obeying the instructions, too.  Instructions-schminstructions...don't do it!

Around the time I was pregnant, we switched out the ceiling fan in our master bedroom.  As the blades from the fan were laying at the curb, my pregnant brain said, "Hey, we could paint those and make cute decorations for the baby's room!" Despite their five minutes at the curb with the trash these two blades did turn out pretty cute as a little painted scene for above the dresser.

The mobile and the painted plaques were small do-it-yourself projects.  I really didn't have a theme for the room.  I am not a huge fan of themes.  I guess we have a map, boats, planes, stars, bunting, stripes, blue, golden, orange, theme going.  

Above the crib always seems like the hardest spot to decorate.  It is the focal point of the room and it needs something special.  So I hand-cut this little piece, and it worked out pretty well.  You can find out more about that project here.

Overall, I have to say that I love this little room.  Every night we get in pajamas, and Nathan pulls books off the shelf and wiggles himself into our laps ready to hear a story.  It is where I rocked and nursed, and nursed and rocked for 15 months.  It is where my baby lays his precious head to sleep, feeling safe and sound in his cozy nursery.
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