The Picture-less Birthday Party

07 September 2015

Of course I took tons of pictures at Court's 'Frozen In Summer' birthday party to show you.  There were pictures of the cute table set-up, of the pools in the front yard, of the 'snow' for the kiddos to play in, and pictures of the tiaras that they decorated with jewels and stickers, and the cupcakes and...wait...oh no...where's the camera...did you take any I was busy with the kiddos...oh...well...shoot.

I guess there is something to be said for enjoying to moment so much that you forget to take pictures.  

This was Court helping to make the 'snow' before the party.  There are recipes out there (you know where). We just used 2-3 boxes of cornstarch mixed with one can of men's shaving cream (the cheap generic stuff for both).  Get your biggest bowl (or bucket...clearly our biggest bowl was put to shame), and mush the two ingredients together until it is not sticking to your hands, but the mixture clumps enough to make good 'snowballs.' Some people add in glitter.  I thought that sounded messy, and I didn't want the younger babies eating glitter (it sounded more dangerous than eating cornstarch and shaving cream).

We scooped it into baggies (we made four batches), and stuck it in the freezer so it would be nice and cold to play in.  Is it really like snow?  No.  Is it very cool to play with and awesome for a bunch of Texan kiddos who have never played in real snow?  Absolutely! (For the record, my little Texan girl is very lucky to have Colorado family, and she knows real snow.)

This is Olaf.  If you don't know who he is, then I am not sure why you are reading this post.  I drew him on the driveway using this little tutorial.  It was really easy with the step-by-step drawings.  And who doesn't want Olaf at their party?

Court kept waffling on what kind of princess party she wanted to have, but by-golly it was going to be princessy, so we had princess wands (princesses have wands, right?).  The wands were from Oriental Trading with strips of ribbon and a jingle bell tied around the neck of each know...just like real princesses have.

After playing outside in the baby pools (this is an August birthday in Texas, after all) and 'snow' we came in to eat, have cupcakes, and make tiaras. There was a cute giant plate of purple and blue cupcakes (some with much prettier icing and sprinkles than this one. But we ate the pretty ones. So here is the lonely leftover guy the next day when I decided that there were still some things that I could take pictures of).

Court's crown is lovely though, don't you think?

Fortunately my mom got some good cell phone pics of the kids playing and singing happy birthday. They are not bloggy pics, but pictures of people making crazy laughing and singing faces as they are having fun...the best kind really.
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