Where Are You Located?

22 October 2015

I am really excited to announce some new prints in the shop! We have a new line of City Coordinate Prints. Each print is dark blue over a white background, and the geographic coordinates of the city are beneath the city name.

Every location on Earth has a unique coordinate (this is how your GPS gets you to where you need to go), and now you can show off your favorite location with a fun print.

My favorite display ideas...

  • On a family gallery wall with your current city.
  • As a collection of prints, showing all of the cities you have lived in.
  • In a baby nursery, showing the location of the baby's birth.
  • For anyone who wants to show off their hometown.
  • As a moving away gift with the old city listed.
  • As a welcome gift with the new home city listed.
  • The place where a major event happened in your life (engagement, life-changing vacation, etc.)

It is human nature to be drawn to home, and we all have a place in our hearts that we call home.  So share the love you have for your special place with a print!  

We have a few of cities in the Great State of Texas already in the shop, but you can order a custom print of any location you wish!  Just click on the "Request a Custom Order" button in the shop!

All prints at Whitehall Shop are now digital, meaning that you can print your artwork seconds after purchase (or have it printed for you at a local shop).  This means no waiting on shipping (hello last minute gifters, I'm talkin' to you)! 
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