Whitehall Shop Goes Digital

08 October 2015

Whitehall Shop on Etsy

We are very excited to announce that Whitehall Shop is going digital!  Now all Whitehall Shop prints will be available as digital files.  The same high quality images that you love will now be available to you instantly and for a lower price!

What does this mean?  Well...

  • Prints will still be available through www.WhitehallShop.etsy.com
  • Prints will be available at a lower price.  8x10 prints for $5!
  • You will be able to print your artwork seconds after you complete the purchase.  No more waiting for shipping.
  • Your downloaded file will be available at Etsy, and immediately after purchase, you will be sent a link to your new artwork.
  • You do not have to pay for shipping, because you print the artwork yourself.
  • You can print your artwork on any color printer, and any paper style you choose (we recommend a thick stock or cotton rag paper for highest quality results...but honestly, regular ol' paper will work. Just remember that if you are printing for a gift, your friend will roll their eyes at you if you give them a cheapo paper print.  I don't judge, but your friends might.
  • You will be able to update the look of your homes, gallery walls, nursery frames, etc. with Whitehall Shop art prints in minutes.
  • There will be a larger variety of Whitehall Shop prints available very soon.
So hop on over to the shop, have a look around, and get busy downloading!
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